Ikebana International


Members are welcome to bring a guest. Guests may participate in only one member activity. Following this, they will be invited to become a Chapter member. This rule will be strictly enforced.

How to become a member of I.I. Ottawa

It's easy!

1. Print out our application form and fill it in. (If you cannot access our application form, please contact us and we will mail you one.

2. Send the completed form and a cheque for $145.00 CDN, made out to "Ottawa Centennial Chapter I.I." to the mailing address at the bottom of this page.


Benefits of Membership in Ikebana International

  1. Monthly meetings/workshops/demonstrations.
  2. 3 magazines and information several times a year from I.I. Headquarters in Japan.
  3. Membership in I.I. is a prerequisite to exhibiting in the I.I. annual exhibition.
  4. Allows participation in local, regional and international conferences, conventions and workshops.
  5. You are welcome to join I.I. meetings anywhere in the world. Membership in one Chapter allows you to visit any other Chapter.
  6. You may even belong to more than one Chapter. (There will be an extra fee; the exact amount varies from chapter to chapter.) You do not have voting privileges in the second Chapter, but you may participate in its exhibition.