Ikebana International


Ikebana International Ottawa Centennial Chapter 120

Article II of our Constitution Objectives

The objective of the Ottawa Centennial Chapter is to stimulate, cultivate, and perpetuate the study of Ikebana, and related arts and culture throughout the world. We do this locally by demonstrations and public exhibitions, as well as strenghten relationships among teachers and students of Ikebana through the adopted motto:

"Friendship through flowers"

Elected Officers:


Vice President:


Past President/Parliamentarian:

Anne Breau

Keiko Nagasawa

Jane Metcalfe

Nancy Sharp



Web Manager:


Claire McCaughey

Nancy Sharp

Elise Bochmann


Teachers and Classes

Preamble: Schools of Ikebana are autonomous organizations and are not creations of Ikebana International Chapters. The members of I.I. may also be members, participants or teachers of any Schoool of Ikebana. Members of the I.I. Centennial Chapter such as Ohara. Sogetsu or Ikenobo may participate in any local Chapter activities, such as Exhibition, at their own discretion, provided classes have been taken with the past fiscal year.


Sogetsu School: https://www.ottawasogetsu.ca/

Ohara School: https://oharaottawa.com/